The Samurai

      The Yoshin Ryu Samurai is fully committed to the preservation and transmission of authentic Classical Japanese way of Ju-Taijutsu (classical Jujutsu).  Whomsoever carries this Code Of Arms is a person who honors us as a  true warrior of light.  There is no darkness in his/her heart but only the believe that we are all One Mind, One Heart – One Code, children of the Cosmos.

The many years of comprehensive research, training and study work herein have been the collaboration of Ariza Hanshi of the Five Rings Centers International and what he refers to as gifts from the celestial realm.  In an effort to maintain relevant connection with the truest interpretation of this tradition, Ariza Hanshi calls this collective work as Yoshin Ryu Sogo-Bujutsu.

     What Does It Mean To Be Samurai?  To effortlessly and relentlessly seek the perfection of body,mind and heart in his/her pursue for excellence.  To persevere beyond the human spirit’s expectations and to carry one’s duties as member of this Archelian Legion. 

“The Samurai mind knows of fear but not of defeat; he carries a stillness of the heart, for he

understand that his path is not driven by complacency nor fortune but by the service he

renders as he walks in a real between life and death.

Destiny is not left to chance but by his own choice. The Samurai practitioner must be well grounded in

his concept of reality because he is dealing freely and opened heartedly with people’s concepts of truth

and falsehood. To prevent becoming lost, misguided, or swallowed up by people’s deception,

greed or awareness altering, the Samurai practitioner must maintain Seishin or ‘resolved’ purity of heart.

The Samurai practitioner carries the truth in his heart.

His intentions remain resolute in his heart, and in his mind. He is totally honest with himself

at all levels of introspection.

He does not venture in the realm of falsehood and untruth for the chance is too great of a loss of heart,

and he can no longer serve, should he fails to stand with honor.

He illuminates everyone else with the brightness he carries in his heart.”

     To further understand the nature of the Samurai, lets us peruse how he trains (lives).  The fundamental principle of Jujutsu is reflected in the translation of the term itself.  “Jutsu” refers to methods or techniques, “ju” to yielding, blending or even gentleness; in context, “jujutsu” becomes the art of yielding and integration for the purpose of self-defense, or “to conquer by yielding.”

Yoshin Ryu Sogo-Bujutsu uses principles of moving about the foe while drawing a weaker attack and exposing himself with every attack.  A very quick jerk or breaking of the foe’s center of balance allows for a devastating and very fast throw using your own weight to drop down; hence the characteristics of an evasive Samurai.  The patterns maintain their natural and relaxed body applications flowing from the unconscious mind without intellectual intervention.

Individual Jujutsu techniques involve blending with the momentum of an attack in order to draw the opponent off balance or throw him using his own body weight and subdue him.

This classical tradition of warriorship is represented by a curriculum formulated to preserve the classical ways in their truest forms.

 It is famous as a bodyguard school with fast and effective Jujutsu techniques, and Daishosabaki (Jujutsu while wearing both swords in the belt).