The AJWBA is made up of officials, masters and advisers, who strive, day-by-day, to impacted the world both in the marital arts community and the spiritual healing community.  Although the AJWBA is rapidly becoming a well respected not-for-profit organization, we hope to continue to not be concerned with fame, status or personal gain; but with the well being of all humanity.  The AJWBA is becoming a world leader in organizing, preserving and propagating the classical Japanese martial arts to the world community with newly discovered  historical facts of their origins and martial application.

      The AJWBA is dedicated to providing support to its members and a higher level of martial arts education.  The education provided is curriculum-based. The implementation of innovative teaching methodologies and the economics of doing business is  also covered in the material we offer our members.  Most importantly,  members will experience spiritual benefits and guidance  which will  compel them  to moral and proper action.

     The Board of Directors is comprised of the CEO. President, Executive Director, Vice president, Treasurer, Regional Directors (head masters of each associate/dojo) and Advisory Committee (Council of Elders).

     Voting is an integral part of implementing new ideas and projects, therefore, official elections are held December of each year.  Every official has the power of  one vote.  The President/CEO has the same power as other officials, however,  in the case of an absentee official, his/her vote will be counted as a vote by proxy.  The vice-president shall also exercise such voting power in the absence or inability of the president to cast his vote.

     Each meeting shall be help in a round table wherein all present are equal with one voice, one mind and one heart.