Any event held by any member instructor, lasting for any duration, (we recommend 2 to 3 hours), that may cover fundamentals as well as specialized training, which is not normally taught, is considered a seminar.  A seminar may be open to students of the instructor, and students of other instructors who may consider membership into the AJWBA.

All seminars must first be approved by the AJWBA.  Upon approval of such seminar, a contract will be drafted with the terms and conditions of monetary compensation.  Such contract must be obtained in writing directly from the AJWBA.

Instructors, who wish to organize a Taikai, must contact the AJWBA immediately, at least three to six months in advance ( proper forms and agreements will be required).

Upon approval, the AJWBA will give you additional instructions on the specifics of hosting a Taikai for a selected date and time.  The Taikai organizer may not offer free invitations to specific individuals or groups without the consent of the AJWBA; Lead instructors or representatives are expected to attend at no cost as long as they produce six or more attendees.  Any financial decisions outside of said agreement will be considered a personal expense on the part of the organizer. Representatives and lead instructors are expected to assist and ensure the success of the Taikai with their support.  After all expenses are paid, a net 40% donation shall be sent to the Alliance immediately after completion along with a complete report of the venue.


  1. Any instructor shall be compensated with $1500.00 for either one or two-day seminar with all basic expenses for lodging, transportation and meals, etc., assumed by the host.
  2. Special arrangements can be made for a 2 to 2-1/2 hour seminar, whereupon the instructor shall be paid $500.00.
  3. Any contractual agreement set forth with a member of AJWBA – ALL JAPAN WORLD BUDOKAN ALLIANCE, MUST involve a written agenda and a contract of said agreement approved by authorized official and said party of interest.  Default or cancellation on the part of the contractor (said party of interest) shall carry a 48-hour notice and a compensation fee of no less than $200.00.
  4. An administrative donation of 10 percent of the contract shall be forwarded, upon agreement, by the host to ALL JAPAN WORLD BUDOKAN ALLIANCE (AJWBA).
  5. A clear and direct agreement between parties saves many friendships.  Ask all pertinent questions before hand – do not assume and we shall remain friends for a lifetime!



Representatives, Instructors and or any member of the AJWBA wishing to train at the Hombu Dojo, at any time, it is advisable to contact the headquarters in advanced and reserve training time.  The AJWBA will prepare accommodations for both living expenses and training expenses.

Should a student member wish to come to the Hombu Dojo, without their instructor accompanying them, they are still required to obtain permission from their direct teacher; and their direct teacher must then contact the Director for permission.  A full disclosure of the student itinerary must be agreed upon before arrival to the Hombu facility.

It is most important to always remember that a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure/booked a training session.  You are responsible to comply with set schedule, even if cancellation is made with less than a 48-hour notice.