Members shall observe the following ranks before achieving Black Belt level.

Mukyu (Shoshinsha) or 10th level—————–Solid white belt/first 10 weeks

Kyukyu or 9th level —————————-White belt/yellow stripe/10 weeks

Hachikyu or 8th level—————————–White belt/black stripe 15 weeks

Nanakyu or 7th level—————————-Yellow belt/black stripe/15 weeks

Rohkkyu or 6th level—————————Orange belt/black stripe/15 weeks

Gohkyu or 5th level——————————Green belt/black stripe/15 weeks

Yonkyu or 4th level——————————–Blue belt/black stripe/15 weeks

Sankyu or 3rd level——————————Purple belt/black stripe/15 weeks

Nikyu or 2nd level———————————–Red belt/black stripe/15 weeks

Ikkyu or 1st level *——————————Brown belt/black stripe/15 weeks

PHASING –  Black belt/white stripe.  This is the time period prior to black belt APPRENTICE testing during which study, experimentation

and research of all kyu (levels) is done.



            Shodan (Sempai/senior student/apprentice-eligible)

Black Belt 1st degree is achieved after 1 year training in black belt patterns.

            Nidan  (Assistant Sensei-eligible)

Black Belt 2nd degree after 1 ½ to 2 years of achieving Shodan.

            Sandan (Sensei-eligible) master of weapons

Black Belt 3rd degree after an additional 1 ½ to 2 years after achieving Nidan.

            Yondan (Renshi-eligible)

Black Belt 4th degree (master apprentice); after an additional 1 ½ to 2 years

after Sandan.


    Godan (Kyoshi-eligible)

Black Belt 5th degree (mastership-eligible); an additional 2 years after Yondan.

    Rohkudan (Kyoshi-eligible)

Black Belt 6th degree (full master); after an additional 1 to 2 years after Godan.

     Nanadan (Shihan-eligible)

Black Belt 7th degree (Doctor apprentice/master-teacher); after 2 years of Rohkudan.

     Hachidan (Shihan-eligible)

Black Belt 8th degree (Doctor/master –teacher/co-creator); after 30 years of service.

     Kudan (Hanshi-eligible)

Black Belt 9th degree (Lead Master –Teacher/next in line as grandmaster/head of system)

     Judan (Shihan Cho/Saiko Hanshi/grandmaster-eligible)

Black Belt 10th degree (an honorary degree bestowed as the inheritor of the tradition)


No degrees are awarded, for it is reserved only for one grandmaster upon the death of

another, for a life time of work.

      Kancho (usually reserved for the Soke)

President/Head of the family or tradition; overseer in charge of preserving the tradition.

All ranking is a measure of the person’s character, skills and a life-time of devotion to our tradition.