International Affairs



To protect and promote our international mission worldwide.

To earnestly and proudly represent the AJWBA international interests in their country of representation while promoting and developing the AJWBA internationally by rendering high quality and professional service to their countrymen.

The representative of AJWBA is the administrative and martial arts advisor in their country or region.  Such advisor is accountable only to the Council of the AJWBA led by the acting president to the AJWBA.

All representatives of a given region or country shall collaborate and work together toward mutual success while under the advice of the elected representative (liaison) for all.

All AJWBA activities undertaken, for the purpose of financial gain, on behalf of or by the representative must be approved by the president of AJWBA or duly voted in official to that office.

Representatives of AJWBA can participate in activities such as seminars, conferences, competitions, etc., on his/her own behalf or on behalf of his/her organization.  In these cases, the President of AJWBA has extended complete trust in your judgment and further contact with our office is not needed.  It is common courtesy, however, to send us an email letting us know of your activities.

Should a Representative to the AJWBA discredit him/herself by acting in a damaging manner, official representation shall be revoked and all documentation returned via mail.


  1. All AJWBA official literature, documents, plaques, code of arms and logos are the legal property, issued and approved by the AJWBA governing body (president) headquarters only.
  2. AJWBA Officials (Vice Presidents, Board of Advisors, Executive Directors, Officers and International Representatives)have no Authority to recognize or issue Martial Arts International Certificates, Ranks, Grades, Titles or Licenses or other Official Documents under the name of AJWBA – ALL JAPAN WORLD BUDOUKAN ALLIANCE.  The AJWBA is the only Authority that can recognize or issue said documentations and certification by way of the  majority vote of the Board Of Advisors.
  3. AJWBA international officials are appointed for 2 year term only with a yearly evaluation at which point, temporary changes may apply based on their service to the AJWBA and majority vote by the Board Of-Advisors.
  4. All international representatives shall receive a “pending life-time membership” for the first 13 months; at which point a full pledge Life-Membership shall be awarded; and all privileges and benefits entrusted hereto. Life Membership is an individual membership only. There are limitations to certain services.
  1. All international representatives holding a DOJO CHARTER will automatically receive membership status, exclusive of any additional fees and shall enjoy all privileges and benefits thereto assigned; including but not limited to free membership and free attendance to all seminars and a small contribution towards personalized training costs.
  2. It is understood that the ability to attend seminars for free is contingent on registering a minimum of 3 members, students and/or guests at the regular fee assigned to that venue.
  3. AJWBA Official Logos, Coat Of Arms and literature are the legal property of AJWBA and may be used only with special approval from the President or majority vote of the Board.