About Us!

     The AJWBA is the worldwide martial arts organization with the intent to network, preserve, cultivate and propagate the ways of the Warrior (Budo).  The Alliance is dedicated to the transparent re-education of the classical and modern martial art schools and to the enhancement of other traditional and contemporary systems.

      Certification of an individual or accreditation of a particular system contains the royal seal, a master  seal  and an archive seal.

      We are able to offer a great service thanks to the generous donations of our patrons; and because we are  not for profit, we are able to invest all of our effort to achieving our members’ success.

      Our name translates as “the place that comes together to nurture the martial arts professionals; the  place radiating with the spirit of exquisite martial arts.” AJWBA can be said to mean a place for the  practice of  martial arts SCIENCE which are both mystical and marvelous. This significance is that those  who master  the Budo way give light to our everyday world; a world often filled with darkness.

      The AJWBA is a transparent affiliation of top martial arts students, Masters and studios from around the globe that are committed to exemplary ethics, moral content and the humane virtues within the martial arts spirit.  Our members are committed to earning the privilege of wearing their black belt and securing growth, knowledge and skills beyond their day-to-day basic requirements.

     Many of our members are or have been involved with other organizations and federations but find it difficult to relate to the power struggle and politics involved. They find it enriching to be able to share, train and evolve in an atmosphere which promotes individuality and creativity while maintaining a sense of appreciation for tradition and decent human spirit.  We are not looking for you to abandon your current affiliation but to offer you an opportunity to discover more.

     For years, some of our members have taught the martial arts with heart and dedication but have not felt  trusted or recognized for their effort, much less been legitimately recognized with a deserving rank.

    We offer the opportunity to hold direct membership under the guidance of headmasters and a team of experienced advisors of international scope.  Members’ ranks is recognized upon eligibility and testing or may qualify for a higher ranking, upon recommendation, by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

     The AJWBA is an innovative and exclusive alliance of warriors formed to support those martial artists who are seriously committed to being exceptional black belts and martial arts instructors.  Also, to ensure the higher service, knowledge and skills of those who have already achieved the rank of black belt.

     The Alliance also offers the opportunity to improve all aspects of your life: social, academic, spiritual and professional. This program will allow you become part of an international, elite society, with the added benefit of achieving your desired goals.

     This Alliance is equally beneficial to children and adults by instilling the sense of a larger family.  Black Belt is the world’s most recognized and respected martial arts rank and an international symbol of personal excellence. Your commitment to earning and upholding this rank and the prestige associated with it is recognized in the awarding of this membership.

However, your membership is only as good as your ability to follow through. Training hard, supporting your allies, supporting our seminar and clinics, maintaining yourself ethically and supporting the AJWBA’s monthly meetings, is your responsibility.

Remember, as an ally, you represent respect, courtesy, compassion, decency and self-control in and out of your martial arts school.