How to Join

A simple three-step process will suffice.

            1) Print, complete and mail (e-mail) us the membership form (individual or group) – To be found under FORMS

            2) Include your membership donation of $59/year (only 4th dan and under.  5th dan and up are free – any donations will be used for paperwork for life-time status)

           3) Include your highest certification signed by your teacher,  and not an organization; your personal bio, and include your teacher’s contact number if possible.

           All claims will be investigated and reported – your chances are best when providing truthful and complete information on your situation and needs. 

           Should only have an organization certificate, we will ask a bit more to substantiate your claim and make you recognizable.

   Your interest in the alliance must be forwarded in writing an e-mail or posted correspondence and presented personally or by a sponsoring party. Upon review by the Board of Directors, recommendations from the acting president, vice-president, headmaster, and/or the majority vote, your membership shall be approved or denied.  A notification of the final decision shall be forwarded to you in writing.

            To expedite your membership, if applicable, it is best to submit any scheduled donations with the form or as soon as possible via Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, or any other.

          Once you are accepted into the Alliance, AJWBA Hombu (headquarter office) will issue a membership LICENSE PASSPORT and a COAT OF ARMS (patch) for new members with a special “Masters’ Greetings”. The license passport booklet should be kept up-to-date with the student’s rank, class attendance, membership status and seminar attendance, and other licensing.

            The student may be asked by an instructor to fill in the details (rank and date), but only a licensed instructor may sign and stamp the book. The application donations are dependent on age, rank, position, and the number of organizations joined.  You and/or your school will be expected to participate, or assist (where possible) in occasional training clinics.  This will ensure the longevity and growth of both you and/or your system.

           There are applications included for  Certification or accreditation of a particular system contains the royal seal, a master seal, and an archive seal.