Though the Ninja’s mind knows of fear and defeat, he carries a stillness of the heart, for his

destiny is not left to chance but by his own choice.  The Ninja practitioner must be well

grounded in his own concept of reality because he is dealing freely with the concepts of

truth and falsehood, fluidly bending one into the other. To prevent becoming lost,

misguided, or swallowed up by his own deception, greed or awareness altering, the

practitioner must maintain Seishin or ‘complete’ purity of heart.

The Ninja practitioner carries the truth in his heart, though he may appear unconventionally different or in many psychological guises to others.   His intentions remain resolute in his heart, though it may appear otherwise to some, yet others may have no idea what those commitments entail.  Because he is totally honest with himself at all levels of introspection, he can venture in the realm of falsehood and untruth without defiling himself or his spirit.  He can willingly plunge into the cold darkness, knowing full well that he has the power to create his own light from the brightness he carries in his heart.


Hanzo Ariza-Bey. is currently the General manager, a 9th dan red belt, Hanshi, founder and present CEO to the AJWBA – a global governing authority, whose prime objective is to uphold and propagate the highest integrity and truest form of Budo through the teachings of the essential arts of Kuki Ryu, Yoshin Ryu Sogo-Bujutsu, ShoShima Ryu, and Kimbisa Yoga in accordance with the documented history, their families, and lineage. ALL ARE WELCOME REGARDLESS OF OTHER AFFILIATIONS - THIS IS AN ALLIANCE - WE WORK, GROW AND EVOLVE TOGETHER. Hanshi has completed his doctorate dissertations and holds thesis for professorship in Asian philosophy and martial arts He is the Founder and head master to the Kuki Ryu Ninpo - a Shinobi tradition, the Yoshin Ryu SogoBujutsu - a Samurai tradition, and Soke to the Shodoshima Ryu Karate tradition, and Fouder of Kimbisa Yoga. These disciplines are taught worldwide at the Five Rings Centers International under the guidelines of the AJWBA, and the management of HA-BEY LOGISTICS, LLC Hanshi is a Life-Coach, healer, historical researcher, philosopher, orator, writer and electrical engineer with over 45 years of experience. Additionally, Hanshi also holds Shin, 7th-degree black belt in contemporary Shinobi-Jutsu, 7th Dan in Jujutsu, 7th Dan in Kobujutsu (Weaponry) from the late, Professor Ronald Duncan Sr; a Masters in Asian philosophy. HE TRAVELS THE WORLD HOLDING SEMINARS AND CLINICS.